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Terms and Conditions

Any bookings in the CBD must cover parking costs and have access to delivery dock.

Our booths need to have to suitable access to parking for the duration of the booking (including 1 hour before and 1 hour after your booked time) and the facility to unload and transport the booth to the actual location.

This means that we need to be able to access the venue, and park and exit at appropriate times, and as such any bookings in the city requested for NYE, during Vivid Festival, or at a venue where parking or access could be problematical, may require us to have a an additional second driver which will attract a fee of $250.

Any parking expenses incurred will need to be covered by the client, and any venues requiring us to have site inspections that incur parking costs must be covered by the client.

Any wilful damage to the booth by inappropriate behaviour of guests will be not tolerated, and damage caused will need to be covered by the client.


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